Research participants required

The dilemma for positive ageing lifestyles and wellbeing examined through the introduction of a social media foundation to facilitate and enhance creative decision making.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when self evaluation and assessment is needed.

There seems no greater need than to do this as we enter the cusp of retirement, however, what we are finding (through research and personal knowledge) is that the traditional sense of retirement is no more, and that people simply aren’t (retiring).

Yet, the ageing debate still rages.

So, Ron and I are back writing a new paper and seek those of you in your 50’s and even 60’s who are entering a phase of consideration and contemplation about your next phase in life… what has traditionally been known as the third age.

We seek those of you who potentially think more creatively and with an open mind… to share thoughts via a face to face workshop or survey.

We hope for it to inform our findings and it may unearth a new journey through creative discussion.

To be involved;

Charlie-Helen Robinson ‘Charlie’

Ron Corso E


Charlie would love to start the conversation with you...

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