Survey; Oldies Media Aware Study (Over 40’s Only Need Apply)

The Oldies Media Aware Study (#omasunisa) explores the growing use of online technologies that specifically benefit the older generation. In particular, ways forward to support and encourage connections between our older generation via various online platforms for them to thrive.
The main purpose for social media platforms is to connect with others, share stuff, to have conversations. If you remove the fact that it’s online, this is something all people enjoy doing and seek out ways to do. Every day. People have networked for centuries, through clubs and organisations, as well as informal networks of family and friends. Social media provides the opportunity to have, and be a friend, to congregate without leaving the house, to never be alone even when you are the only one in the house.
I have the ability to design, develop and implement systems and procedures ensuring efficient operations of business; including developing and introducing strategy, integration with other communications, content planning and generation, messaging, monitoring, analytics and reporting.
My #omas project , or “Oldies Media Aware Study” will look at the use of social media now, and into the future. Now not wanting to pry, just gain a general understanding of where you all currently sit. Yes, there’s lots of online stats and Pew Research out there in relation to social media stats for over 50’s, but this survey is to help me specifically with my study which is looking at future directions and how we as a group generally use social media.
The information you provide is for my research purposes only.
Thank you – Charlie

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