Paper: Enhancing Creative Thinking Abilities through the use of Social Media

The Paper is publised in the IJKIE Journal

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Paper: Enhancing Creative Thinking Abilities through the use of Social Media

Ron Corso and Charlie-Helen Robinson


The use of social media in higher education as part of a learning management system is becoming increasingly common and moving beyond mere instructional approaches that characterise a lot of traditional teaching. Social networking platforms and online communities are now an integral part of student’s everyday lives and increasingly albeit informally their educational experience. This paper explores the use of Ingenium, an online creativity tool, supported and delivered through a social media site ‘Unearthing Ideas Online’, established to enhance the teaching of creative thinking. The process builds on traditional pedagogy and evidence demonstrates increased student engagement, deeper understandings and confidence in applying creativity principles and methodologies in a range of topics. The process provides a structure for applying creative thinking using Ingenium that students themselves are expert in and reconfigures the notion of the classroom beyond traditional physical and pedagogical boundaries.

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“Enhancing Creative Thinking Abilities through the use of Social Media” International Conference on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise London, United Kingdom, 10-13 September 2013. Publication; International Journal of knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IJKIE). Co-Authors Ron Corso & Charlie-Helen Robinson (2013)



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