Creativity and creative thinking is the process of coming up with something new and different. That something may be a product or service, a work of art, a solution to some problem.

Here’s the first part (A-H) in the list of A-Z’s, to put you into the mindset of a creative.

Adaptable is a place where all creative’s begin. Without the ability to adapt people could not become creative. As well as having learnt to adapt to the environment, humans are capable of adapting their world to suit their needs, and no other creature can do this. We constantly change our world to evolve and all humans are capable.

Bifocal is a creative mind using multiple view points, or always accepting there are differing points of view. A creative person does not judge, or stop because of one persons opinion, they will keep going to perfect their perfect idea.

Curious people are creative people. Asking and posing questions, searching and exploring topics or being able to look deeper into any subject, is the mindset of a creative person. The old age who, what, why, when, where, and even how is a great place to start.

Divergent thinking is usually explained as the ability to generate many, or more complex or complicated ideas from the one idea, or, from simple ideas or triggers. Consider this as creative people loving to diverge from the norm, to look at things from multiple (bi-focal) positions, and to challenge anything that exists (curious). Of course, this can make a creative person seem off-key, deviant, alternate, or just outside of what a person without a naturally creative personality type would consider regular. In our current society the creative person is not always as readily accepted. In general, humans don’t like change, even though they must do so to evolve.

Emotional well being assures the creative thinker they are on the right track. There is nothing worse for this personality type to be critised, or surrounded by negative critism. A supportive and caring environment in tune with the sensitive nature brings out their best and allows for a far more creative field of ideas to emerge.

Flexible in nature seems like an obvious inclusion in this list of A-Z’s as, as we have discussed the creative person likes to look at multiple points of view. However, it’s more. There is a fluency, as well as openness to experience, sensitivity to stimulations, and a willingness to take risks in this attitude that reaches far more than just listening.

Generous in nature, generous in thought opens a raft of possibilities perhaps not previously perceived as possible. If we always follow our existing train of thought, we limit ourselves. Generosity of spirit means we are giving away something close to us, a thought, an experience, a gift or it may mean we give our time. To listen, watch and embrace our surrounds.

Humour is the all important ingredient. Of course not all good ideas or processes are going to result in laughter however many ideas or concepts of ideas have the ability to make you smile… simply for considering it. Laughter and creativity do go together well.

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