Social Media

Social media. Be inspirational, conversational, sensational. Be you.

It works. Here’s how.

Inspirational. Social media has become a place for people to share news and raise awareness about topics that are important to them. The people’s platform as many now label it. So, if your social media strategy doesn’t include a way to inspire your followers, you will loose them. It’s like any good campaign that touches the heart strings. But don’t do it 100% of the time or you will turn people off. A third is good odds.

Conversational. Are we talking yet? Humans love to chatter, gossip, share, tease, flirt, and have a good belly ache laugh every now and then. Well, don’t you? By conversational we don’t mean deep and meaningful (although we’d throw a bit of that in there to break it up), we mean let’s have a chat. If you respond, people will feel wonderful because they have been listened too. Note: a new theory I (Charlie) am tossing around is the turn off when popular pages don’t acknowledge or talk direct to those who post comments. Delicate balance there. And of course, people like to rest with their own thoughts, so chatter a third of the time is good odds.

Sensational. Are we sexy yet? Did we just dare someone or offer them a deal that’s just way too good to refuse? Good. Because it’s good odds for both parties to get some action happening. And when we are talking in threes, we don’t mean the menage a trois. We mean sales, return on investments and a tangible outcome.

Very simple rules to follow.

Social Media Tip: Start

Social media. We haven’t spoken out for a little while in relation to our favourite subject. Mainly as we have been busy engaging with our friends having conversationsinspiring each other and sharing sensational deals or knowledge (yes, they are our three new favourite words). However, this simple integration into our daily “being” made me realise just how far we had come. Social media is no longer the topic of discussion and people are no longer making the mistakes they once made (ie offending people etc). We’ve all worked out the rules.

In the main.

Of course there are the alternative ones, those who initially refused to be involved or took the different road and those who have just never got it and… never will. And that’s 100% OK.

But, interestingly, more and more, they are now asking “how?”. Charlie, what do I do? 

It’s quite simple, they have to stop talking. Just do it. Nike.


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