DeadRed Wake Event Format and Winners

How we run events.

The following instructions should provide enough background to the evening / event to get you started. The event was started by Charlie Helen Robinson here in Adelaide, South Australia.

From Charlie:

My appreciation for you starting your own group would be to continue the dedication to unearthing old wine, celebrating their life and contributing/supporting a special charity. Each region or area will certainly take on its own personality and shine… The event is perfect for networking, celebrating, and is quick (generally they last about one/half to two hours maximum…). It encourages the general punter to participate in wine tasting. This is NOT just for experts.

The order of the evening

Welcome speech – first toast using welcome glass of wine.

First bottle opening ceremony. Continued, with each bottle opened in ceremony.

As wines are declared “dead” or “alive” they are grouped. Grouped wine is shortlisted.

Final selection by judges for the night.

The bottle opening ceremony

Bottle is labelled with owners name.

Owner is called when being opened.

Bottle is opened.

First glass is poured and offered to the owner.

Owner provided opportunity to talk about the bottle and it’s “life”.

Owner has right to declare “dead” or “alive”.

Judge used to confirm and explain condition of wine.

The judging

A panel of judges or just one. This is where you can use experts.

Each judge brings a different perspective and view about the wine.

Judges agree which is the most “dead” and which is most “alive” at the end for winners.

A “dead” wine is just that. Disgusting. Corked. Foul. Undrinkable.

An “alive” wine is also just that. Supreme. Yummy. Drinkable. Or it has simply travelled well over the test of time.

Red wine is for drinking, not keeping at the bottom of the wine rack for that special occasion. This group has been formed to celebrate the dead reds in our cellar. We’d like to thank them for their wonderful contribution into our lives. So crack open that red, give it a tasting and then share the news with the rest of us. How old can that bottle go?

The Dead Red Wake Celebrates Old Wine In Style.



DeadReds Wake One
Date, 9 April 2008
Venue: Universal Wine Bar, Vito Romano
Wine Sponsor: 1984 Yalumba Pewsey Vale Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Judges: Jim Manning, Miles Crawley
Compare: Charlie Robinson
Evening Winner: Crawford Logue
Attendance = 40

DeadReds Wake Two
Date, 25 July 2008
Venue: Dave Evans Gallery, Rundle Street
Wine Sponsor: Piper Aldermans Cellar
Auction Sponsor: Toop & Toop
Auctioneer, Phil Harris
Auction: David Ginter Photograph “Dinner For One”
Wine Judges: Jim Manning, Miles Crawley
Compare: Charlie Robinson, Jim Manning
Evening Winner: 1966 St Henry Claret presented by Charlie Robinson
Attendance = 80

DeadReds Wake Three
Date, 31 October 2008
Venue: Earl of Leister, Parkside
Wine Sponsor: Charlie Robinson (DeadReds own label) and Bulk Wine Supplies
Raffle Sponsor: Willabrand Figs (organised by Dana Mallach)
Sponsor: Baristador Coffee, Willabrand Figs, Mercato’s Catering
Wine Judges: Jim Manning, Miles Crawley
Compare: Steve Davis
Evening Winner: 1970 Woodley Burgandy by Sean McLeer
Attendance = 50

DeadReds Wake Four
Date, Friday, 27 March 2009
Charity: MS Society
Venue: Adelaide Bowling Club
Wine Sponsor: Kirrihill Wines
Wine Judges: Jim Manning, Lee Ryan
Evening Winner: Mr Sean McLeer
Attendance = 50

DeadReds Wake Five
Date, Friday 4th September 2009
Charity: Heart Foundation
Wine Sponsor: Woodstock Winery by Scott Collett
Venue: Royal Hotel in Kent Town
Wine Judges: Jim Manning, Scott Collett
Evening Winner: 1958 Yalumba Claret by Bunty Parsons
Attendance = 40

DeadReds Wake Six
Date, 26 March 2010, 7.30pm
Charity: Heart Foundation
Wine Sponsor: Gemtree Wines by Mike and Melissa Brown
Ceremonial Bottle: Francis Wong, 1984 Woodstock Jeroboam
Retail Sponsor: Premium Wines Direct
Venue: The HWY by Tom Williamson
Wine Judges: Jim Manning, Francis Wong, Mike Brown
Evening Winner: 1970’s Hardy’s Barossa Claret by Charlie Robinson
Attendance = 60

DeadReds Wake Seven
Date, 2 July 2010, 6.30pm
Charity: Heart Foundation
Wine Sponsor: Thompson Group
Venue: Bang & Olufsen, Adelaide
Wine Judges: Jim Manning, Steve Thompson
Evening Winner: David Barnes
Attendance = 60

DeadReds Wake Eight
Date, 1 October 2010, 7.30pm
Charity; Heart Foundation
Wine Sponsor: Bundalong, Coonawarra – James Porter
Venue: Channel 7, Adelaide
Wine Judges: Jim Manning, James Porter
Independent Auctioneer: AJ Coleman
Evening Winner: Charlie Robinson
Attendance = 80