Preservative Free Wine

Most wines have preservatives added to reduce/prevent oxidation and bacterial spoilage. It keeps it nice for you. Also helps for cellaring.

Possible Preservatives

  • Sulphur dioxide (preservative 220), also known as SO2
  • Potassium metabisulphite (preservative 224)
  • Ascorbic Acid (300)

A few things Charlie has personally learnt over the years:

  • the more alcohol, the less preservative (because alcohol is a natural at that)
  • the older the wine, the better (as the amount reduces over time)
  • the reds are better than whites (boo hoo)
  • don’t drink cask wine (ever)
  • generally you would drink a preservative free wine within 6 months (although some last longer OK).


From Shane barker, Lonely Grape

From Andrew Graham

The A–Z of information on wine and health issues

Alcohol Intolerance (Adverse effect to Alcoholic beverages)

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