Shane Barker, our wine guy, says “This wine is all about crisp tropical character – passion fruit, guava with a good acid balance finish.

UNEARTHING CHARLIE’S SAV: 2013 Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc

Charlie’s personal wine love has always been for a good South Australian crisp dry white and as she says, they are best served chilled relaxing under the summer sunshine, wearing a string bikini with a smile!

Charlie’s passion is people engagement. She loves a good conversation, connecting with people, and sharing a vision, in a savvy kind of way and one of her passions is researching and creating engaging content for the social medias. Charlie is described by SA InBusiness as a Social Media Entrepreneur. She’s also a wine lover.

In developing her Unearthing wine group these past 7-8 years, Charlie has gained a thorough understanding of the local and global social media and digital landscapes and how they can be leveraged. She is an ardent internet and social media user herself. She loves it! She is also a creative writer and brainstormer who has professionally developed her skills to be a leading social media learning practitioner in South Australia; encompassing engaging university students with online social learning, online community management, content strategy management, and social media management for Facebook, Google+, InstagramPinterestTwitter, and YouTube. Read more about Charlie, on this website’s About page.

“She has applied her skills in social media to completely change the way we interact with students in delivering our (University of South Australia) courses. This innovative approach has facilitated aspects of creative thinking not only on the part of students but also for the lecturers.” Ron Corso, Unearthing Ideas

Social media has become a place for people to share news and raise awareness about topics that are important to them. The people’s platform as many now label it. It’s true that people love to chatter, gossip, share, tease, flirt, and have a good belly ache laugh every now and then. They also enjoy a good wine!

Bring on summer days!

Charlie’s wine group has been unearthing wine and unique wine experiences since 2007. And she isn’t stopping!

Charlie would love to start the conversation with you...

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