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Charlie hosts quiz nights, wine tastings and social networking events. 

We have been unearthing old wine and unique wine experiences since 2007. What a journey! With over 1000 members worldwide, we believe we have found a winning formula and thank those who have supported us during our journey. Yet we are not content to sit back and rest on our wine corks.

The concept for the WineGroup started on the eve of a dinner party hosted by Charlie, where a Penfolds Grange was to be star; the challenge had been set to find a wine that could match such a pedigree to fill the remainder of the night’s drinking.

So, the wine rack was checked, returned and puzzled over. What would match? How can you tell if they are OK? What are they? Would we embarrass ourselves if we offered them to guests? Not everyone’s wine rack is perfectly persevered over time and many bottles get overlooked and forgotten. But they may have entered our life for a special occasion, a gift or treasured memory. The seed was planted. There would be many wines in cellars and on racks around Australia holding unknown qualities that should be tested. It must be said that a good selection was consumed on the night. They affectionately became known as our “dead reds”.

So, an event dedicated to brave wine tasting was born – to boldly drink what should have already been boldly drunk! To bring those bottles that would normally be returned to the bottom of the wine racks to an event and open them.

The first event was hosted at the home of founder Charlie Helen Robinson. 30 bottles starred in what was a very successful look at wines from multiple Australian regions as well as across many decades of wine growing. The oldest on the day was from the 1970’s however the stand out performer was a bottle from the 1980’s. It was a clean skin that had been labelled by the Western Australian Government and obviously produced as a corporate gift at the time. It was a stunner.

The rest, they say, is history.

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