Wine Under the Heavens for Lovers

…or wine around the world.

As this #winelovers group is global it’s been a challenge to stay connected (to share a wine together!!). Well, we think those days are over and we have a solution. Why? It’s because winelovers are social people generally and who wants to stop that? No one. So, we have devised an online wine game – an adaptation from one being used in another Facebook group as the concept is quite simple.

It’s quite engaging…

All you need do is share memories, stories, pictures, videos, or tips.

But, there’s a wine theme…

We all travel, or we have all perhaps lived somewhere else around the world and the wine we drank was generally different (different grapes, climates, soils, water and environments or cultures all create unique taste bud experiences – etc.. you get the drift). This is your time to share those experiences. We are looking for wine memories but if the whole process conjures up a great story – don’t hold back. Share away… on Facebook. Or if you are not on Facebook – in the comments below.

How it will work

Each week, on a Sunday evening around 7-ish (Adelaide, South Australia time), we will share a location or region to our Facebook group and your sharing and chatter MUST be about this particular location (note; the first five weeks are in the image gallery above)

Facebook ;

Let’s go on a wine adventure around the globe together!

We are going to follow the listing presented by Wine Folly – simply to make the job easier! This is also where the images are from – you can buy the maps through them.

Regional Wine Maps



Wiki’s list of wine producing regions:

Wine search wine regions:

LinkedIn’s wine region topic: