FB at work. The new culture. thought number four

Over Christmas lunch the conversation turned to sharing a few hysterical emails received lately. I dropped into the conversation that I don’t tend to receive many joke “emails” these days as most come via FB (including the ones they were sharing with us). I was keen to hear the responses about FB really. My on the cards to be future bro-in-law is a Director of an IT company. I was amazed by the speed of his response being that a couple of his major clients had requested he “block” FB from staff. It was deemed a time waster (the emails obviously were not).

Conservatism is still in full force. Even with the turkey at Christmas lunch. I still maintain that I am enjoying my business email inbox being just that. For business. Hopefully larger corporate will come to see this value and staff can share.

original: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=8420502061&id=6397284684&index=12

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