interaction two

What “online experience” do you provide your customers or potential clients?

If you say to yourself “why aren’t they coming” or “why aren’t they doing the action that I expect of them”, take another look at what you ARE expecting and ask YOURSELF “have I explained what I want them to do”.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Sounds simple.

Yet we forget – we get caught up in our business models and plans and our own goals that we forget about “the customer experience”.

Think it through.

It’s like when we walk into that absolutely fantastic looking fashion store with the yummy dress (or tie) in the window. What service do we want to receive when we walk inside? We still expect service online, the same as we get in real life. Ask yourself if your website is providing a service at that same level. Do you interact in the same way that you would if you saw them face to face?

It’s an important question. And all answers will be different.

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