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for quite a few years now i’ve had an idea brewing. it’s stewed. it’s boiled over. but it’s never gotten out of the pot. so rather than give up all hope, I thought I’d post the concept here and see if it inspires. so, let’s interact.

Introducing Community Voice
The Community Voice concept was created to provide local communities, charities and not-for-profit organizations access to the TV medium. There are many ways this can be tackled and many organizations (such as in Adelaide South Australia the C31 Adelaide Pty Ltd crew) do a fine job in supporting local talent and crews with broadcasting locally produced shows.

A report issued by Griffith University in March 2007 titled “Community Media Matters” states,

”A common thread running throughout our analysis of community broadcasting audiences is a need and desire for local news and information. Audiences feel they cannot receive localised or community-specific information from any other media sources.” It also goes on to say, “Community broadcasters are providing an important ‘community connection’ role by publicising local events, engaging in community ‘gossip’, using local people as presenters, and projecting an approachable and accessible front to the community and their listeners.”

The Community Voice concept proposed to help fill a niche market within the community broadcasting sector. With Community Voice, local communities, charities and not-for-profit organizations would be able to access a broader range of audiences from assistance with production of a low cost, high commercial quality community service announcements.

It’s true TV’s community service announcements have been around for years however many organizations do not pursue simply due to cost. There is a low level of understanding and lack of access to technical resources. So, where can they turn to?

By using a service such as Community Voice, we can reduce the overall costs to produce and take the complexity out of the process. Raising the voice, giving TV to the community.

Of course, the most common use for this style of community service announcement would be through the Community TV services however with the proliferation of social media, distribution does not need to be limited. It can also include dissemination through:

1. Commercial TV networks
2. Regional TV networks
3. National Community TV networks
4. Video relay in organisation reception/foyers (video or DVD)
5. DVD for company presentations
6. U-Tube
7. Social Networking Websites (like FaceBook)
8. Podcasting
9. Others??? The list is unlimited.

So, there it is. An idea. I’m sure many people have thoughts, ideas, concepts.This is mine. I’d love your feedback. xc

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