Interacting across the line

My golden rule was broken today. It was really only there as a goal to bring some rules of engagement around my social activity online. But don’t panic, it won’t stop my weeding routine. It’s paid off and worked. I have great connections. We chat and share posts and comment and interact on FaceBook, Twitter, friendFeed, Plurk and we even stop and have a coffee with Allan. Which is funny, as my online friend Allan Cockerill even blogged about my efforts this week:

read here:

But… why was my rule broken you ask patiently?

Well, I spilled over to 401 friends. Before weeding. I broke the rule for Becky. Who could resist? She was introduced through Allan. I’m sure over time I’ll weed back to under 400 again (just to keep me honest) but for now, I just wanted to let you know I am happy with this decision!!

It’s all good.

Oh, and thanks again to Allan. You provide the coffee and I’ll do the weeding

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