interacting in communities, globally

the sense of an online community has been around for as long as we could all connect and network with each other. let’s face it, early day “pinging” of each others computers @ work was the start (and heaps of fun). those that didn’t “get it” (pinging) were left out (bumma dude). those that did formed a small community… and we pinged each other.

then came email, distribution groups, bulletin board and discussion groups and the online services that we all know and love. **funnily enough, aside from technical interest groups and forums, i reckon the most popular way these online social networking services infiltrated into the masses was via people trying to reconnect with their school friends. interesting.

anyway, we are far more sophisticated these days moving into the relms of twittering or plurking each other.

it conjurs up a whole new way of talking as i’ve previously blogged ( however it is also opening us up to a whole new sense of community (group of friends).

second life is certainly at the fore-front of this, with it being completely virtual. but what i’m getting a greater feel for, are people wanting to connect with me the person. my real self.
not the virtual self.

they want the real person who is talking (interacting) with them. no matter where they are or where they’ve come from.

i didn’t go to school with any of these guys, i haven’t worked with them, and i don’t know them on land. i only know them online. and for me, it’s as big (and close) a friends network as what i have on land.

talk about breaking down barriers around the globe. we’ll have all the anti-globalisation guys on our backs next.

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