interacting with a robot… what an experience

i’ve previously blogged that i was less than impressed with the service provided by the massive telecommunications company, telstra. have a read…

however something happened this week that i would like to compliment them for. one particular service. it seems that where telstra HUMANS can not provide a service, a telstra ROBOT can.

and provide it did. i made a routine call to the telstra technicians line (my internet connection wasn’t working via the router). call made. all good. within five minutes i was back up and running. but not once did i speak with a human.

i spoke with and was lead through a series of checks, switches and refreshes by a robot. the problem was solved quickly and simply.

i was impressed.

so, telstra it seems robots can do for you what no human seems capable of – quick, fast efficient, polite service.

i feel sorry (afraid) for the future workforce of telstra.


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