interaction through addiction, and then some…

leading up to christmas and christmas itself can be an exceptionally social time. and if you’re like me, you like your wine. so by the end of it all, you feel like you’ve become an alcoholic… simply from the fact you are drinking nearly every day!! urgh

however, i do find february tends to be a quieter month. so, in february i’ve previously joined partners in self imposed no drinking (wine etc) bans. not so much because we have to. more because its good for our body and mind to have a rest. and we feel assured we aren’t alcoholics!! well, not for that month anyway 🙂 i’ve heard others have november off as their month of rest – to “prepare” for the onslaught. i guess it’s whatever the person feels they need to do. before or after. but it is giving the body / mind a break.

so it amused me to hear the other day that my eldest daughter is doing a self imposed exile from the computer over the summer holiday break. 6 weeks.

she needs a rest. to assure herself she can “be without”. to just “be”. interesting.

is this the new form of addiction that we will need to take a rest from over time?

i have to confess to having various levels of trouble in my relationships these past 10 years due to the amount of time i spend online. the same issue has crept into my latest relationship, even though he is a far more tech savvy, social onliner i have ever dated.

so, it is an addiction.

and it amused me that I received a link to the following article. this week. what timing. but what a way to deal with it… using an online service. wouldn’t that be like taking an alcoholic to a winery?? not sure.

anyway… life is good and then you die. so, i’m here to enjoy it.

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