Day Thirty Five of the Twitter 365 Project, my little hive

here i am @ work surrounded by my family fotos. they go with me everywhere. my kids are just so so so precious. but you know i’ve been a workaholic for so long it took ages for me to learn a good work/life balance.

but i’m in my 40’s now. and i reckon i’m there. i love my job – and pump 100% into it. but i love my family and the environment i create around me equally. and my kids don’t just see a mum cooking and cleaning. no not this one. my home energy goes into organising events, catching up with family, friends and just being there.

i don’t always get it right. but who does?

it pains me when family give each other grief. it pains me when friends can’t be civil.

when once i would dive in and try and “rescue” or “sort it out”, these days i bite my tongue (altho sometimes when i bite so hard it hurts i do have to say something LOL). (but i have learnt a few lessons on that front).

i have just accepted and come to the realisation that my energy is better spent on positive action, not issues and things to bog me down. like i said – i don’t always get it right – but i do try. its like when things change in our lives. homes, relationships, jobs, friends, loves, clothes even…

my greatest earth friends say “OK, let’s join the ride”… and i love that. if i could give just 10% of that attitude back to them, i will. hopefully they agree i give them the full 100%. well, at least 80% 🙂

i think its called unconditional love. and i LOVE it xc

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