Day One Hundred & Twenty Three

This is Kate. She doesn’t normally get a look in as i tend to photograph Toby!! But tonight’s her nite. I think she felt a tad uncomfortable about it to be honest. She was skwarking a bit and really didn’t want to be there. But I got a shot 🙂

I’m wondering if I will be the same on Saturday when we do this modeling gig for the lingerie shop in Adelaide Arcade. I’ve kept quiet about this gig as I’m a tad nervous. I’ve never stood in a shop window before with just me knickers and a bra on!! Although I’m quietly hoping they’ll put me in the nighty (sexy one but at least more will be covered!! LOL)

Someone said today “it’s always good to step out of our comfort zones”. Yes, well. My comfort zone has to be well and truly in covered up land. I dont mind a bit of skin – all fun – but yeaks. Anyway…

Fortunately it’s all for a good cause. My modeling fees are being donated to Breast Cancer and on top of that I have raised some money to throw in too. So, off I go. xc

The FaceBook event listing:

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One thought on “Day One Hundred & Twenty Three

  1. Personally, I like to step out of my underwear and into a comfort zone. But it’s different in a shop window. Just make sure your arms don’t fall off. That’s the worst thing about dating mannequins from a bloke’s point of view.


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