Day One Hundred & Forty Nine

Yep, it’s bad. ive been online way to much recently. a few reasons (grin)… on top of this (as you know) work has been busy. so, i guess its only fair to think that my eyes would pack in. they’ve done it before… and they’ve done it now. so, the eye shot is pretty much how it felt today. i took my glasses off this arvo to give them a rest – and pretty much blur is what i saw. so… here you have it right back at ya.

a blur.

of course all i did was nip down to the local chemist and buy eye drops… so here i am still working. typical… 🙂

but instead of a heap of typing… tonight i bring to you a bunch of old blogs that still make me laugh or hmmm whatever – i like them 🙂



my first effort at web cam

my second (no better)

why i love tough guys

a sad moment

and a final note

and here’s my most popular UTube vid

with no sound. go figure 🙂
maybe they are all trying to see their friends???
fotos are the new connectors. xc

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