Day One Hundred & Fifty

and no – i’m not fifty yet… but i know a couple who are and they’re doing OK. as are the ones half our age. but we had some interesting chats about different stages in life tonight. and what they all mean.

to expand on this, it pretty much went along the lines of ….

in your 20’s your setting stuff up and making stuff happen … in ya 30’s your settling down and living… in ya 40’s ya unraveling stuff, sorting shit out and getting it all back on track (after a big rethink). it eventually works out from what i hear. sometimes.

but then there are those who have mid life crises when they hit mid life which is their 50’s (think of balding guys with convertibles and you’ve got my mental picture here) so, im at a loss at to when we actually get it right? crikey mikey.

i reckon people in their 30’s obviously have a top time.

can i be 30 again please? although hmmmm didnt someone say women were at their peak at 36? perhaps i should go there again?

or have i missed my boat. does it float? joyride… xc

2 thoughts on “Day One Hundred & Fifty

  1. "unraveling stuff, sorting shit out and getting it all back on track (after a big rethink)"Yep… 'cept I may have unravelled a few things I should have just thrown on the bonfire.Better than perfection, that's my life.


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