Day One Hundred & Ninety Four


some days it’s just unbelievable. we used to have the 20 minute city in that you could get ANYWHERE in that time. these days thats simply impossible. and it’s not even really because there’s more cars on the road. i put it down to bad traffic management.

for some sections of my drive to work i zip through, cross major intersections and carry on. i use some backstreets – maily the section to get Miss JM dropped to school and then get back on my way. but then there are some sections of the road that take 30 minutes to travel one single kilometre.


no idea except when you eventually make it to the traffic lights you realise it only allows 4 cars through at a time. you and the other 100 cars waiting were obviously travelling in the wrong direction and so got the short change on the raffic lights.

frustrating to say the least. espcially when it turns a 40 minute drive to work into a an hour and thirty minutes like it did this morning.

grrrrrr so unimpressed it’s not funny.

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