charlie talks about status updates

Charlie Helen Robinson shares what becky says “what matters is what “is”…” xc

Harry Ballzak says “… and don’t take it for granted, that what you think “is” … is the same as what other people think “is” is.”

charlie helen robinson says “good morning globe” xc

lets keep it simple.

status updates are surely a new way of communicating in their own right? we have laughed frequently about people using twitter to send out to the globe some of the most meaningless pieces of trivia ever written or known to mankind. And yet, whilst we have this capability, we don’t use facebook in quite the same way. but… we do use the status update to, well… update. that said, facebook is quite unlike twitter in that you dont need to update as often to remain “seen”. thank goodness. i personally believe therefore that this is making it a more powerful tool. with more impact.

lets think about that impact.

we all have a laugh with our updates. sometimes we get serious. other times we offer advice or news or promote something. we occasionally add a throw away line because that’s the mood we’re in. then other times we use it to send hidden messages to someone in particular. we catch ourselves having a giggle with those “in the know”.

so, if i change my status to “charlie helen robinson thinks people should mind their own business”, my work colleague might think “eeek, i should never have trawled through her tagged fotos cause it’s none of my business what she does after hours”, my friend might have thought “oh charlie’s got the sh*ts on with xyz” or that friend of a friend might just think…

lets consider that.

after many months/years socialising online its easy to recognise that its still a learning process for all – including me. and in the big scheme of things is it really worth writing a status update that will or quite possibly hurt another? mostly unintentionally but sometimes deliberately.

we are all human, we all do feel and sometimes this will spill over to a status message etc and a reaction. i say again, we do it mostly unintentionally.

consider that the comment (“charlie helen robinson thinks people should mind their own business”) could have been very innocent ie i could have been directing it towards my neighbour who i see peeking over the fence? hey – it sounded fun… surely?

perhaps next time i could have written “charlie helen robinson just saw her neighbour peeking over the fence”.

now, that may sound too politically correct or even confrontational (especially if my neighbour was a friend on FB and saw) – i’m not saying im innocent here… but it is something to ponder, consider and adjust ways. do you agree? i will.

the age old quote “if you have nothing good to say – say nothing at all” comes true. you have the ability to leave your status blank if need be.

“charlie helen robinson says i love you all, even those with flaws, because i know you love me and mine”. xc

ps there are some people who will have the guilts for the worlds sins — there’s only so much you can do!!

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