Three Hundred & Fifteen

my life is a fone conversation at the moment. i am doing lots of it. some of it awesome and chirpy with friends, some of it healing, some of it hard and some of it would be better if it was face to face so i could see the eyes.

and some of it just shouldnt happen.

but that’s the current trend or thread of whats going on. my current journey. i dont feel we as humans have any real say in what the universe has in store for us. in fact i think a lot of it has to do with lessons and being a bigger person. these are the hard lessons that we hate, get upset by and dont wish upon our worst enemies, let alone ourselves (gosh we are all selfish after all).

ive talked about the subject of online being “unreal” many many times. ive said we know in our heart if something is right or wrong and we dont need a status or a picture or a game being played online to know what’s what, and what’s real. its true, we all say some funny shit up here – gosh listen to me why dont you – but when you ask yourself “would that person have said that face to face, looking at you in the eye?”, well that’s when you will understand.


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