Three Hundred & Twenty Five

dinner @ the pub and home again.

lots of amazing things happened today. firstly it turns out that my teacher (or rather lecturer)’s son in law runs the Flying Knife in Semaphore. Small world. That’s where I take my mum every mothers day and there’s even a day dedicated ( – OK so i didnt write anything – sorry. i did however write to them and comngratualte them on their blog at the time, which is here )

even crazier but when i said i’d create a fan page like I did for MP3… well, he said that’s his second favourite … and id been there for fathers day. LOL. gotta laugh!!

anyway… so had to dash from school to have meeting about key messages at work with senior managers. then had to dash from that to another meeting and work. lunch? forget it. grrrrrr

ended the day with a meeting with a wine retail company who will be backing / supporting my wine club. not going to spoil the surprise – but IM EXCITED!!! the partnership will cement 12 – 18months of hard slog work and take us up to the next step fingers crossed. now it’s up to me again.

for now though. rest. tap tap on the computer and chats with the girls. amburger starts work experience tomorrow with the Independent Weekly. She’s excited. I’m excited. I hope she does well. She may also get work / volunteer with Fresh FM. Fingers crossed. it will be good for her.

so onwards in all quarters :))) xc

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