Three Hundred & Thirty Three

Regardless of my personal opinion re the SA Great name change, the corporate and I still LOVE the Speakers in Schools program. Tonight was awards nite – i had to hand one out. In the background is Lesley from my work – who is one of our speakers and Heidi from PIRSA who is also a speaker and who I have been on tour with. I admire their passion and commitment towards inspiring kids and they are both deserving of an award just for being involved. On the nite it can only go to one, and the girl who won our category (regional) is regionally based and has her own business built from scratch and does very well with speaking… very deserving.

I went from here to a drinks/dinner nite with 25 girlfriends. We called it the “Mrs Claus” nite – girls only celebrating christmas. It was an absolute hoot… but what did we all end up talking about? Our kids labours. We seriously went around the table… what better way to bond than to talk about that unbearable pain!! It was a such a joyous evening… so much laughter and silliness and so many things to talk about. We are all going to do it again. xc

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