started the day with a shocker of a stress headache – pound pound urgh. but rose to collect Miss JM from her dads and stopped in @ St Peters bakery (as we do) for a coffee. For the second week in a row i was sprung doing this without seeing the person who sprung me to say hello. i guess im in my own little world on a sunday morning… and on this one with a big headache.

wish the excuse was due to a big nite out – but alas no.

still sorting stuff out.

anyway. today i had the pleasure of helping a good friend at a time of need. thank god someone else has problems, not just me. ahahahahaaaaaa

we are here writing the letter of complaint – that could get messy – as in essence the home loan has fallen through. no one has really done their job properly and its a big mess. its actually just incredible how a professional organisation experienced in this type of transaction can leave a situation with my friend without a home and in serious jeopardy of losing their deposit. i will give them the benefit of the doubt to pull up their socks and sort out the issue on monday – but there are a few names and companys that i will NEVER use, regardless. its appauling.

but anyway… the sun shone on the back, we had a few wines and in general the day was pleasant. so with the headache gone, it’s turned out OK. xc