Three Hundred & Thirty Eight

OK, so moral dilemmas get boring. especially when someone is trying to sort yours out on your behalf and ending up with their own (way too bludy hard). it isnt their right or business, so i ended one this morning for a person.

we move on.

as you can see from the foto, my back area has gotten a tad messy (this is the before).

so, big backyard day. cleared out some stuff that’s not mine (into the garage it all went ready for collection)… mowed the lawn (thanks to amber’s boyfriend charlie – yes i know, cute same name), pulled weeds that were bigger than trees, mulched, moved patio furniture, swept, you name it – ended up dripping wet with sweat (eeeeeeewe).

looks much much better now… although as miss amburger points out it would be even better if there were some actual flowers or something. well, yeah… one step at a time LOL xc

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