my love is easily bruised
i am worldly
i am naive
i am wanting to achieve

true hapiness
will show the way
it would be nice to have a man stay!!

for a moment there is a glimpse
a hope
a smile
a lust to take us on

true honesty
so hard to find
it would be nice to be with similar kind!!

4 thoughts on “honesty

  1. Charlie
    What I like and appreciate most about you sharing this poem, is that it gives us casual acquaintences a deeper glimpse within, a peek behind the social mask.
    I think it takes great courage and sense of self to share something like this.
    Wouldn’t have a clue what my social mask portrays but I will say this, I’m always up for a chat of poetic dimensions amid the hurly burly of life.


    1. and Steve (BOTH) your personal and social mask is of a very friendly loveable character, dedicated to his work as much as his family. we gather around us souls and spirits who share a similar journey and/or acceptance of the world. i appreciate your friendship, your support and your humor. you are a truly 100% honest guy and a gem.

      stay true xx


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