How important is your profile picture?

Across all social media platforms there is that little thumbnail profile picture that people use to identify you. I started out early on with a very basic avatar.

This changed over time to be a standard face shot and then I moved into the “latest and greatest photo that I loved at that particular stage”. I’m probably still there in that stage. However, I may have changed my tune.

In the debacle re-establishing myself on facebook (see post for explanation here), what I found is the people who have helped me in the social media space over the past few years, I identify through their profile picture.

Meaning:  I have never met them personally and have no other way to identify them, so I do so through their profile picture.

Its an interesting process for me – and I’m in two minds as to whether I will go with one single image over the years as they have or stick with my ever changing theme of latest and greatest. I do like the changes. I feel it makes me more real.

But what do you think?

5 thoughts on “How important is your profile picture?

  1. I never change mine, like you for many people it is the only way to identify me. Perhaps it is the old school Small Business mentality that says “every interaction with your business should be the same, it is the deviations that drive people away” that keeps me from changing my profile pic.


    1. hiya – yes i agree… for many sites i tend to use the same image. I like the logic you provide though Jason 🙂 it’s my facebook i cant settle into the one image for though – although i did for the “Charlie Design” page…


  2. Your profile picture is part of your branding. As a consequence it is important to ensure you have the right profile picture for your media platform. As a user of multiple media platforms I try to seperate my branding through my image as best as I can. So on Facebook, which I try to maintain as a purely social and “friends” social media platform, I have constant (at least a few time a year, when a new favourite comes up) changing photo that I believe reflects my feelings and personality. I use Twitter and LinkedIn as a more professional social media platform, and as a result I wish to brand myself in this manner, so I use profile images that reflect this branding.

    As an aside I have recently met people who have been able to identify me through my profile picture on LinkedIn and my Blog, so that seems to have been a successful result.

    By the way, I love you profile pic currently on your blog Charlie.


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