Across all social media platforms there is that little thumbnail profile picture that people use to identify you. I started out early on with a very basic avatar.

This changed over time to be a standard face shot and then I moved into the “latest and greatest photo that I loved at that particular stage”. I’m probably still there in that stage. However, I may have changed my tune.

In the debacle re-establishing myself on facebook (see post for explanation here), what I found is the people who have helped me in the social media space over the past few years, I identify through their profile picture.

Meaning: ย I have never met them personally and have no other way to identify them, so I do so through their profile picture.

Its an interesting process for me – and I’m in two minds as to whether I will go with one single image over the years as they have or stick with my ever changing theme of latest and greatest. I do like the changes. I feel it makes me more real.

But what do you think?