Murray Darling Basin – Water Report

Hope dries with water in Murray's lower lakes
Image by publik16 via Flickr

The Murray Darling needs fixing – no question, no delay. Three years ago the federal government allocated $6 billion to spend on the problem. This money is to be spent subject to a revised Murray Darling Basin Plan. is a new, grass roots, not for profit advocacy organisation for mainstream Australia. It is independent of big companies, Government and political parties. Participants pick and choose the issues that matter for them.

They recently petitioned to have the Murray Darling Water Report released. The release is currently on hold due to the election caretaker period. ComeOn picked this as a concern weeks ahead of the major parties and while this announcement by Abbott today (about his support for the release) is welcome, communities should continue their pressure and sign the petition.

Early on, i got onboard to help ComeOn petition. I’m sure you’ve seen my many facebook posts on the subject…

many people have asked me why I did this. and the “why” is because “I can”. and “why the hell not?”. we should all be onboard. seriously – this is about sustainability of our water resources that help ALL australians. not just me.

the petition has inspired many politicians to agree the Murray Darling Basin Authority should release the draft report (ie like Abbott today). however many community members are lack lustre over the issue as they dont believe a report even exists. they have been ignored. and its a shame. its such an important issue and one charged to an Authority to help the community fix.and yet it has to be delayed? now, im well and truely aware that neither side wold really want to see the report. im well and truely aware that many will not like whats in the report.

but i’m ever so sorry – i dont care!! this is about our kids and our families and our national community members needing to sustain our country.

so, why the hell havent you signed the report?


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