opinions and opinion polls, elections and reactions

so, we’re still on the election journey. it’s not over. yes, there are more opinions, more commentary and more negotiations. i have said i am disappointed that the election has turned into one big negotiated deal.

and then i read this by Annabel and thought “yup”

Political purgatory exposes the ugly election
Annabel Crabb

This is the comment that stands out for me:

“This period of political purgatory has exposed some very unattractive elements of our system”

full article-> http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/09/03/3001708.htm?site=thedrum

but I do also feel that the general public has “election fatigue”. so, why am i writing about it if we are all tired of it?

basically because it’s my way of expressing disappointment. i think Australia, we can do better.

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