Charlie’s Social Media Predictions for 2011: Commencing

Firstly, me writing a trends list is a new trend.

The list has been derived from conversations with a raft of people over these past four or five years of observations and where I see it all heading….

Secondly the trends aren’t in any particular order however I have a couple of favourites that I personally feel passionate about. And, thirdly Id never be so arrogant as to assume they will all happen. However they are presented as a list to consider, contemplate and comment on. I do always love feedback. I prefer it to be constructive however Ive encountered other forms as well… its all part of the online environment we have created.

So, here goes.

Content. All social media services have content streams. Be them news feeds, streams, walls or even notifications. As businesses have excitedly grasped this wonderful marketing and PR opportunity for their business they have slowly started to turn the recipient off. Charlie predicts that a companies use of this stream had better be more focused on building the relationship than just providing another advertising stream otherwise customers (AND FRIENDS) will flee…

Customer Service. To help drive effective content that is read is to ensure your customer service is up to scratch. This is what we refer to when we say social networking. It’s all about the relationship. Charlie predicts that if the relationship isn’t built, the customers will flee…

Community. People are gathering round. People are voicing opinions. People are instigating change. Now, why?Previously people didn’t have a mechanism for this to happen. Now they have. Charlie predicts its time to listen and encourage or the customer will flee…

Critism. No one likes critism however as the community voices rise, so will this. What we need to do is encourage constructive comments and feedback. Charlie predicts people will make mistakes but will learn and grow from the experience. During this phase it would be best not to take anything too seriously – and focus on the chuckle, concern or comment in a factual sense. hmmmm or….

Champion. All communities need leaders. In our council areas we have Councillors. In Parliament we have Ministers. Charlie predicts that online we will have Champions. People who others look to for direction and behaviour. These will be well known to an individual – not social media experts. And they wont flee, they will follow…

Corporate. Charlie predicts they will remain risk adverse with only the bare minimum of activity happening on social networking services such as LinkedIn. The flee has already happened and the follow isn’t ready yet…

Chuckle. Charlie predicts your wit will be needed to remain fun or people, friends, community and corporates will all flee… in droves.

And that’s it. What do you think? Any you agree with?

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