Should I or Shouldn’t I? What is the social strategy answer?

We all flocked to sign up for the QLD Police Service Facebook page when the flooding disaster happened, however now when it comes up in my news feed the information is irrelevant and almost a nuisance. Sorry – but I’m South Australian and don’t need to know local issues. For example, this one just appeared:

#bigwet The Bruce Highway is shut just north of the Cardwell Range due to water over the road. Motorists are urged to delay travel as vehicles can’t go north or south past Cardwell.

Interesting. Important. Irrelevant to me.

So, it had me think… perhaps these emergency services should combine forces, come up with a single listing that we all subscribe to and “like” and start their news feed with something like “ALL” or “SA”.

Or is that just the info-maniac in me coming out?

Your thoughts?

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