Our world is forever changing

Don’t sit still… ever.

My friend Dana has been asking me questions about connecting her blog to her Facebook etc through the Networked Blogs service all week and to be frank I had forgotten a lot of what it could do and couldn’t. I also wanted to disengage my personal blog from my business Facebook wall. So, I went to investigate.

As always, the world hadn’t stood still and it was quite different. Very different. But very good. You will be pleased to know I have realigned all my blogs to their correct pages and have also added my Twitter account.

In the early days of social media services, we signed up and added links all over the place, without a second thought half the time. FriendFeed and Google are a couple of others to note. Many have fallen by the wayside. Those that haven’t really need to be maintained but I confess to not having the perfect solution for monitoring.

In fact, what I would recommend these days is only selecting one or two external services and maintaining those only. Otherwise you will get lost like I have. I’ll feel the pain for you. And pass on the experience.

Like now. xc

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