Healthy Heart Challenge… til today (2 May 2011)

Since i last wrote ive had a bit of a holiday (over the long easter break), celebrated my eldest daughter’s and mother’s birthday, and partied at a right royal wedding reception.

However i havent shied from my dedication to start preparing for my champion commitment to the Healthy Heart Challenge. In fact, i have walked through the adelaide hills… and generally been a very busy girl!! I’ve danced the night away, eaten great healthy food and laughed. All good for the heart!

That said, i’ve also slipped and mis-behaved too and this is where i’m hoping my commitment will start to produce some decent results. I no longer wish to “mis-behave”. Why? Well at 45 years of age my body no longer recovers easily and my blood pressure problems are returning. I first suffered these in pregnancy to my second daughter and it’s not pleasant!

So, my commitment to the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Heart Challenge is strong.

I’d love for you to help me along the way…

Here’s my own champion page:

Harking back to 2009 and remembering the Twitter 365 Project, I am again going to attempt a daily blog with photo to show you when I succeed and when I fail… and the why. I figure that if I demonstrate through my own efforts as to how easy or how hard it is, and what I do when it’s hard, then that might help others. Here’s hoping. This is my goal.

Through my own personal social media journey, i have always believed in sharing and caring. Now, we are getting into the daring. Daring myself to make this happen, whilst also daring you to join in. Will you?

I do hope so. I would love for you to join me on the journey… share your stories with me on my blog and get involved.

With #heart, love from Charlie

About Twitter 365 Project

Twitter users participated in the 365 Project provided 1 photo per day, for 365 days (1 year).

The concept is a portrait, and this may be interpreted to whatever you see as a portrait of yourself, or a photo per day for the year.

You include a story or a quick description of the day, and it is a great thing to reflect back on – almost like a diary.

My day one:

This project was brilliant for self development and reflection. A real eye-opener! 🙂

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