My very own virgin Bronze Body

I’m no longer a virgin!!

Had a very gorgeous experience tonight. I was made to feel very special (maybe cause they knew I’d write a a blog… ahahaaa noooo not true) by both Kim and Merv. Kim looked after me really well for the spray tan but yes, I was exceptionally nervous. Gosh. I was shaking walking up the stairs. I’m not a girlie girl but I can be adventurous… so willing to give it a go. Perfect excuse with a ball coming up on Saturday, so hence why i was there.

Now, my 45 yr old body isnt used to stripping off to my little bits in the middle of winter to have a chick stand there and spray her with cold “stuff” but Kim kept me focused and kept it quick. She didnt believe I hadnt done it before saying I was a natural knowing all the moves… errr no, I was just being a very good girl so I could get it over with REAL QUICK. I was behaving. Might have been a first for that to – but I was. Seriously.

And on a serious note – and because Im a complete nerd and not a girlie girl – I was completely fascinated by the precision and movement to make sure I was sprayed accurately ALL OVER. Move this bit, turn that, bend over (oops glad the G was on ahaha) ummm yes!! All good. Kim was great through it all.  Thanks huni… now I just cant wait til tomorrow so I can what it all looks like after my shower. On saturday I’ll be proclaiming I have just returned from Bali!! yeeeeeah baby 🙂


Here’s the results: the morning after

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