How deep can we go with the naked skin?

One hour and I was naked, cleansed and sucked out. My it felt good.

The deep clean session (where I thought I would end up looking like a tomato because I have a natural high red colour anyway) wasnt that bad at all!! Yes, for vanity sake, I have waited an hour before taking a foto of my completely naked skin but but but…. I had myself what is known as a microdermabrasion. Another virgin effort. Nicknamed the lunchtime peel (it’s quick) its a gentle process, like a little vacuum cleaner travelling across your face. Doesnt hurt… but by the end my skin felt a little warm.

But, an hour later and already my skin feels lovely. Smooth. It was complimentary to hear that my skin was in good condition anyway (thanks to Vic and her Arbonne products) but I did so want to try this deep cleaning thing out. So, I have!

Kim at Bronze Bodies Norwood looked after me – and yes they do face and nail (beauty) stuff too. I have asked them to get a masseuse in next – waiting waiting ahahaaa come on… (do you think they’ll do it just for me???)

Anyway, all I have to remember now is lots of sunscreen (tick, my Arbonne day moisturiser has this included), mineral foundation for a few days (tick), no excessive perspiring (yah) and no additional ex foliations (tick).

This one might become a habit! And I’m open to the next virgin idea… any suggestions?? I’m willing!! 


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