Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 4 June 2011

Beautiful start to my day being woken by birds singing and a clear blue sky to look out on. It fills the heart with such a lovely feeling. In less than one week I am feeling stronger and healthier just from simply being aware that I want to look after my body and having fantastic girlfriends and support around me to motivate me on. It really has been a great start to the Healthy Heart Challenge.

During this time Ive been having conversations in my social media streams and hearing lots of stories. I have met Andrew, who gave me some of his home cooked Ajvar, which is a hot spicy dip from Yugoslavia to serve with raw vegetables and bread. I have walked dogs with Lara and we have mutually inspired each other in business (stimulating the brain must be good for the heart!!), I have been encouraged and motivated by a raft of people including Robyn, Cathie, Kay, Kimmy and Quinny!! It has helped, believe me!!

Of course I have always been inspired by the healthy lifestyle options that Kelly Hamilton of Body Life Balance chooses and so it didnt surprise me when she politely declined to join/register for the “Healthy Heart Challenge”. She doesnt need to because she is already good!! Wouldnt we all love to be able to say that? I know I would prefer a healthier lifestyle and this is why I was at first honoured to be asked to be champion by the Heart Foundation SA, but then inspired to really do something positive and have a dam good crack at it during the ten weeks (and onwards). Chatting this over with Kelly, she agreed to help motivate me and others by sharing “Tips of the day”.

They will come to you via this blog and I really do encourage you to subscribe for the duration so that you dont miss out!!

Here’s our first:


Body Life Balance

Tip of the day:

Our cells need good fats, consider adding healthy oils to your diet such as nut oils, oilve oil and coconut oils. For those of you with heart issues Krill (only available in supplements) oil has been clinically proven to raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol). The fats to avoid which cause all the damage are the hydrogenated oils which come mainly from processed foods.


Back to Charlie:

So, whilst at the supermarket this morning I purchased these Krill Oil Supplements and will give it a go. I also take a multi vitamin as a general rule…


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