Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 11/12 June 2011

Body Life Balance was created by Kelly Hamilton to create a health company that focuses on natural medicine in conjunction with the body’s natural rhythms and self healing mechanism’s to help address health issues. Kelly uses a process called Bioresonance that identifies the frequencies of stressors impacting the body’s health such as viruses, toxins, environmental pollutants, foods etc and reverses their frequencies to neutralise their effect. 


I met Kelly through a mutual friend (Bunty Parsons) several years ago and she has always lived and breathed healthy. She is certainly someone I admire and listen to about body health. And whilst I don’t practice Bioresonance, it is fantastic to have Kelly supporting me to provide healthy body tips and hints during the challenge!

The Healthy Heart Challenge to me has been a community effort with great support and love from all quarters. This has proved the best part to this experience. From Facebook friends checking in to make sure I have walked today, to others on the healthy eating target helping along the way with new recipes and yummy snacks to try!! Who-ever said we only had to stick to our own focus? I like that we’re all crossing over and helping each other.

Everyone’s goal is important!

The twitter # hashtag [1] “#hearttime” is helping keep me informed of others efforts and through this we have also been able to motivate each other (nationally!!). I have been using the new social media service called “Storify” to gather everyone’s comments, articles and associated news items to generate a daily “story”.

It’s all coming along quite nicely and I am enjoying this immensely. Hope you are too. Let me know xc


[1] What’s a Twitter Hashtag:
Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

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