To be or not to be, that is the (social media) question

So many times, I have been asked “should my business be on facebook?”. In many instances, I have replied “no”.



But the reality is, there are many businesses that just don’t align with the need to be in the social media space.


Well, in particular, those businesses who are purely in the business to business market or those with a specific client base ie a law firm would find a challenging return on investment reason to use these platforms.

Of course if you have a client base that is heavily using Facebook, there’s a good reason. But this wouldn’t need a business page – it just needs the person to person connection (that is business network person to business network person, if that makes sense!!).

Don’t get me wrong, there are some instances that work well. For example: a staff/employee group for foto sharing is a good alumni tool and global companies using facebook for recruitment (think Vale – the mining company etc).

So, it is just as important to understand why you need to be on facebook, as much as it is not to be.


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