Hapi birfday to the Queen!

So, the queen in my life (my mum) had to be brought down to the beach today to commence a holiday with her sister. Not being one in full health, I sorted her out and then spent the arvo cooking up a storm to have them fed for the next few days. The beef stew was for dinner with leftovers a plenty. A vegetable soup was made to help them with lunches. They have plenty of variety for the rest of the time. All good.

Of course, by the time all this was done, and we’d eaten dinner I was feeling fat and well, flat!! So, was hapi when my friend managed to motivate me off the lounge chair and out into the cold night to do my #hearttime walk.

Had to jog a bit to warm up… so my legs are feeling it… but it was exactly what I needed. Like I’ve blogged before, it’s really good to have someone motivate and push you along. Whilst we cant all afford personal trainers (I know I cant), friends help a lot!!!

Here’s the proof!!! And if you’re wondering why I’m smiling so much when walking on my own – well you try and take a foto without laughing… seriously spaz moment!!