Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 18/19 June 2011

Everyone loves the sun and being outside. I don’t know many who don’t!! Nature is a natural feel good. However, we all hear that depression increases in winter and it’s no wonder with all the dark, dreary and dead cold days. Day in and day out.

Today was such an exception though. The sun came out to play. So, off we went to join it!!

Had to start the day just simply relaxing with the sun on my face. Gosh I soaked it up. It was a cold day – but that sun just seeped into every pour and put me in a great frame of mind!

Then we went off exploring. Down the beach, along the road. We watched kite surfers and exercise teams in the water (too cold for me brrr). We explored the front coastal area and wandered around checking things out… and then we went and played mini golf. A lovely day all round in fact!! And it just warmed my heart to know it was all good healthy natural fun. Admittedly there wasn’t anything too energetic and puff puff in there but I’m sure it goes towards my #hearttime regardless.

And speaking of “natural”… this timely “Tip of the day” from Kelly (below) was good!!

Being at the beach, in a resort, and on holidays I thought we had better have a BBQ dinner one night. So, tonight’s the night. Ive bought chicken satays and sausages and not much red meat at all to be frank – mainly because I have never eaten HUGE amounts of red meat anyway (it doesn’t always agree with me). I love my Sunday roasts, and hearing this from Kelly, I will make my rare red meat selections more wisely in future – “we are what we eat”. Enjoy!!


When purchasing meats go for grass feed.

Conventional meat is grain feed which sounds very fancy but you are essentially eating fat! Grass feed meat is much lower in saturated fats and higher in omega 3 fats and conjugated linoleic acids, which help reduce heart disease.

If you go for organic or organically produced meat you are also avoiding the use of anti-biotics which have been banned in live stock in Europe because of health concerns.

Purchasing direct from the producers can save you money. Najobe Park beef (and lamb) for example is very cost effective when you purchase in bulk at only $11.00 per kg and it tastes amazing!

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