Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 20 June 2011

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i’m cheating! i bought new sneakers for $25 in KMart (i know i know – how could i… not proper support yadda yadda)… but seriously – they were a bit of fun.

Called “Body Firm” these little babies claim to be able to do all sorts of wonderful toning things to your body as you walk. woOt!!! and so much in fact you can only wear the for 20 minutes the first time you wear them, right-e-o… let’s go!!

20 minutes later on the first day and I’m thinking… yep, you get what you pay for!! Ha!

However I decide to stick at it. The weather is crap so it doesnt matter if I trash them… and whoops, tonight I have muscles that feel worked over. WOW.

How weird is that!! Shoes that exercise for you! I’m SOLD.

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