Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 21/22 June 2011

Rush rush rush rush rush rush rush… the past two days have been a blur. From collecting my new mobile fone – my desire, to writing social media strategies for clients and website content for me, to attending the “Love you Wong time” ASMF Famous Faces Luncheon at the Hilton Adelaide and getting a bit silly, to eye appointments, doctors appointments (blood pressure normal), and checking my book proof, to sorting photographers, security firms and sponsors for friday night to meetings with potential seminar presenters (joint function) and send off celebrations with friends at the pub. It has been a fun few days. And that’s not all, and certainly not the most important part.

The most important was my beautiful gorgeous funny daughter turning twelve!!

My how time flies when we’re having fun. And I dont have a day job yet. How will I fit it all in when I do? LOL same way I always do – ask a busy person to get a job done… and well, you know the answer!!

And that’s my #hearttime. No exercise time in there. What do people do when they just cant fit another thing into their day? I have been trying to do SOMETHING every day… do I give up my blog, to walk? My love is writing.. so no I cant. Do I wake up an hour earlier and loose some sleep? I could. Wondering what we do… or do we just admit that perhaps not every day we will succeed in exercising, and that’s OK. So, perhaps I’ll walk twice as far tomorrow? hmmmm

2 thoughts on “Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 21/22 June 2011

  1. You have to do something for your heart every day – but that may mean something other than exercise – like taking the time to enjoy your daughter’s 12th birthday with her! Well done on that score!


    1. yaaaah to Miss JM turning 12!! i had the whole weekend plus a day with her, so whilst i didnt actually “see” her yesterday, we had a lot of fun and special moments… perfect for my heart always – my daughters definitely have that!! ❤ xc


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