Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 7/8/9 July 2011

I’m dreaming of a white christmas… one that’s filled with sand for miles… blue skies and stars at night and something that brings back the smiles.

Of course, it’s winter here and that’s why I’m dreaming:

aaaaaah… sorry, have been very slack (again). Unfortunately this is all I write about. I need someone to motivate me!! ME? Of course I’ve been busy, exceptionally so. Just haven’t walked for a few days. So, me bad.

My promise to you today (as it’s Saturday) is to go for a walk this afternoon after my trip to the markets this morning. Even if it looks like it does in the second picture!! Note: the first picture was taken whilst on holidays in Thailand in 2008. Can you see why we go away at this time of the year?? hahahaha I fully get it. My recommendation to the Heart Foundation SA will be to trial a winter health program (indoors) next year. There are way too many excuses why I shouldn’t walk in this weather!! The biggest one is that my glasses need windscreen wipers to even step out the front door!! I’ll talk to Ken Chenery about that – or perhaps the one and only Mr Peter J Coombs could design us some?

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