Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 14 July 2011

Well, week one of the school holidays is almost over and as we head into the weekend and then another week of “what are we doing today?“, Kelly Hamilton from Body, Life Balance (article below) has shared some tips with us about their food intake to at least keep that side sane… Sage advice. My daughters have grown up in a house where the lollies, chocolates and sweets are treats and whilst they have never “not” had them, they are not readily available in the house. Their school backs up the philosophies of healthy eating and this is appreciated. Of course it doesn’t stop them asking, asking and asking more 🙂

One new trick is “can I make cup cakes?”. A great way to keep them entertained… and they get great results to eat!! Be mindful of how many times they ask to make them (hahaaa – a lesson I learnt). **crafty kids

Tip of the day:

Kids can be very challenging when it comes to foods. If there was one phrase in the English language I could ban in our household it would be “Im hungry”.

Winter is harder on the kids as they are couped up inside and have less to do, so because they are bored they are hungry.

When it comes to kid’s diets, avoid processed foods, add in lots of vegetables and smaller serves of good quality meat and don’t be afraid to keep serving up foods that they won’t eat…it has been shown that you need up to 11 serves of one food for them to start to take to it.

With regards to western health, sugar is our biggest killer, it feeds disease, parasites, moulds yeasts and all sorts of other beasts! 

If the kids are after something sweet try a piece of fruit instead of lollies as it comes with fibre and other nutrients such as vitamin c. Make so called “treats” occasional (not daily) and go for good quality products such as Pure Earth’s raw chocolate that uses coconut sugar which is lower in GI. Nuts and seeds are also great snacks try combing various nuts and seeds with some tahini and a tiny bit of honey, make into balls and roll in some desiccated coconut to make bliss balls and refrigerate. Another alternative are the coconut and cashew balls from Raw Life…there is no added sugar and the apricots sweeten it naturally..yum! When it comes to drinks make water their staple drink and avoid soft drinks and fruit juices…again too much sugar.

My other tip is if you are going to give your kid’s sugar, do it before you head outdoors where you know that they are going to run it off.


#hearttime is for the whole family

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