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Charlie’s take on Facebook profile pictures

We all do it… select our best picture as our profile shot. And why not. We’ve learnt the rules.

So what makes a good profile shot and what does it reveal about us?

Many posts and articles have been written about this very topic… and it’s now been revealed that one in ten photos uploaded to Facebook are profile shots! That’s a lot of fotos per person really. However, all articles on the subject tend to talk about the obvious in regards to the facebook profile foto ie who are you? “i’m a rock god”, “I’m a dad”, “I’m a newly married”, I’m a big pisshead”, “I’m a photographer”, “I’m an artist” etc etc… you can even visualise what each profile picture looks like as you read the descriptions, can’t you.

So… I thought I’d do this in a slightly different way. It’s true, I have a lot of fotos of myself, however there are some that have worked better than others for various different reasons. Some, simply because they are a unique, fun, serious, or some simply in the moment and good timing.

Profile fotos are traditionally and consistently meant to be a full frontal, interesting face shot, with you hopefully smiling. We don’t always follow this to the letter, and so here’s a take on the ones that worked for me and an attempt to analyse “the why“. Click through the foto gallery to read the commentary I have provided… I’d love your feedback as to whether you agree with my comments. Of course – I haven’t done anything too negative – no point to that. Enjoy!

**Facebook help re profile pictures:

**More profile picture stats:

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