Charlie’s Social Media Predictions for 2013: Continuous | Confidence


It’s still here. Social Media has not gone away. Nor will it.

The Social Media’s have way too many benefits for everyone; business, politics, family, police, charity, and even journalists to simply ignore. In fact, it’s great to see it so settled and being used in such a positive way.

Citizen or networked journalism is something that we’ve talked about for years – if you Google the terms, there are articles referenced back to 2006. For example Buzzmachines article [5th July 2006]; Where it states: ““Networked journalism” takes into account the collaborative nature of journalism now: professionals and amateurs working together to get the real story, linking to each other across brands and old boundaries to share facts, questions, answers, ideas, perspectives. It recognizes the complex relationships that will make news. And it focuses on the process more than the product.”

The continuous flow of news is where we will see the game changer.

Where once a news service provided a summary of highlights either via an evening TV news broadcast, a radio news update, or a daily newspaper, what we are witnessing in day to day life on the Social Media’s, is a real time newsfeed provided by everyday people. The public have become the news service, sharing news and information with their friends and colleagues, and in many instances becoming the journalists as well. In the recent American tragedy where many students and teachers lost their lives, it was the citizens who on shared news and kept their friends informed (they still are as we write this), and because of this, by the time local evening news services aired, much of the information was considered “old”.

This has made breaking news services the craved for resource. Consider, as long as it’s factually correct, people will gain their information from anywhere, worldwide. They are already.


It’s been quite a year. In many ways everything that was predicted last year has come true, with the reality being, Social Medias are now just a way of life.

The notion that only early adopters and leaders in the community embraced social media is long gone.

People rely on information shared, expecting it to be factually correct and instant. They also expect it to be interesting and engaging. People are social media savvy, but time poor.

With their new confidence, they won’t waste their time on your site or service if they can get more accurate and timely information elsewhere. They have the confidence of choice and with all the Social Medias feeding Google (“the beast”), they’ll find more quality information resources accessible at the click of a search button. Consider the confidence with which your audience now comes to you with.


An interesting and exciting trend is the emergence of conversation around experiences; the sharing of knowledge, understandings and practice is now coming to the fore.

The Social Media’s have become far more transparent.

It’s like an avalanche… the more people hear and understand, the more they want to know and the more they don’t mind who hears either. This experience based trend is certainly one for companies to watch as reputations are at stake, however more importantly and positively, those who provide good service will win the day. Consider the conversations you wish to take part in. Be selective and relevant.


Visually, content within the Social Media’s has never looked so good. Humans have always been attracted to attractive things and an attractive news feed is no different. Fun, quirky and exciting information or information that is designed well is shared quicker, faster and more viral than that which is not. Consider your brand and design elements. Consider what makes you look good. Consider this within the context of being real.

Customer service

If you don’t have a good customer service practice in place now, that supports your customer’s needs, wishes, desires and wants, you may as well shut your doors. The Jones’ are taking over the globe and they mean business.


In all honesty, the more the Social Media’s settle in, the more we continue to believe the Corporates need to stay at home. Yes, they need to be there for employee attraction and retention purposes, but no, not to promote. Yes, they need to be there in times of crisis to disseminate information quickly, but no, not to promote.

What we do see as a space where a Corporate could flourish is within their Community Benefit Programs. Using the power of their own promotional reach to the benefit of the communities they work within. Of course, this is an ideal prediction, not necessarily a reality that will happen.


We predict many more cat and dog personalities emerging.

We predict many more Walmart embarrassments.

We predict many more examples of clumsy attempts by Corporate to engage.

We predict that they Mayan calendar will take over the news feed on the 21st December 2012 and who are we to try and stop it? Have a great break.

We can predict that we will be chatting to you again in 2013.


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