goodbye 2012, hello 2013.

too many years i hear people exclaim “thank goodness that one is over”, including me… but if we keep wishing our years away because of the heartache we
experience, we may end up with none left. let’s think creatively about how we might better explain years that trouble us. lets break the cycle.

here’s my broken cycle as i straighten the road…

my relationships and friendships taught me to accept myself as a woman of
strength who values her time and principles in life unconditionally; my health
issues and resulting operation taught me respect of my own body, and appreciating
at a higher level that good organic food and the best wine produced locally is
the only way to go; my business failure and return to full time work taught me
that not all ideas work first time but with enough patience and dedication to my
journey, i will get there in the end.

my life this year in general has taught me who i want to rely on, who i can’t, and who, with warts and all, i still very much love. my life this year has opened a whole world of possibilities that have given me the ability to smile and laugh through my tears, hug and share so many special moments and to simply be at peace. my life has been more fulfilling creatively and professionally.

my life is as good and bad as I post on facebook. and this is good. it has taken me 46 years to get here.

my inspiration is my mum. my dreams and hopes for my daughters is that they reach this mecca of realisation earlier, but i know they have such good strength of
self that they may already be there. no matter, this year i have realised how
beautiful their souls are. how protective of me they are, how loving and kind.
each have done so well, i am so proud. my heart bursts.

my reward for my realisation. my soul mate who, though he lives a long way away
at the moment, will be there to share and care and laugh with when he’s by my
side in person, or not.

goodbye 2012, hello 2013.

3 thoughts on “goodbye 2012, hello 2013.

  1. Happy New Year, Helen. Sorry I didn’t catch up over in Adelaide…maybe in May at Sue’s 60th. Great post and I agree. The best local drop is Always the best!!! Cheers, Maws. xx


  2. Being smart is commonplace – and having a real heart for people, though rare and wonderful is not useful without a brain to back it up. Charlie, you’re a gem, a person who exudes both high intelligence and a passion for people. You’ve learned, through the years who you are and what you have to offer…and I am…the world is a richer place because of you. I look forward to many more years of reading and hearing your thoughts.


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